Uni Shaft Couplings

Shaft Couplings

Uni-drive Systems (S) Pte Ltd, with its years of experiences, has being a major solution provider for Prime mover shaft couplings for all kinds of Motor and Engine application. It has become a leader in using advanced coupling technologies that allows to compensate or minimise the effects of unavoidable misalignment and end movement of coupled shafts. Uni-drive not only provides the coupling solutions to meet challenging customer requirements but also carries a very comprehensive range ex-stock couplings to meet immediate needs.

Disc Couplings, universal joints, Cardan Shaft Assembly, Gear Coupling, Grid Coupling Spacer Coupling, Jaw couplings, composite shafts couplings (for Cooling Tower application or application that required lightweight long spacer shaft coupling), Chain Coupling, offset shafts coupling, Omega, TB Woods, Tyre Coupling, Bridgestone, Toyo, Stromag, Reich, Vulkan Flywheel Couplings, Lovejoy, URC, Rotex, KTR, STGPR, DESCH, Magnaloy, TSchan, etc supplied to major keys industries including power generation, oil & gas, metals, textiles, mining, Palm Oil Mill Sugar Mill, compressors, generators, fans & blowers, pumps, crushers, marine/offshore platforms, cranes, all kinds production machines.

Uni-drive also provides repairing of Cardan Universal Shaft assemble, customised coupling designs and maintenance works