UNI-UBW Gear Sleeve coupling

UNI-UBW couplings consist of two toothed hubs which are connectedwith one internally toothed sleeve. The hubs are made of steel and the teeth, which are both profiled and section crowned, are milled.

UNI-UBW couplings are members of the elastic coupling familyrange. The couplings are well suited for applications with axial,radial, and angular displacement of the connected shafts. The double cardanic action eliminates the imposition of loads on the shafts which results from radial and axial misalignment. The torsional rigidity of the sleeve prevents angular speed variation. The combination of steel hubs with Polyamide sleeve makes the coupling maintenance and lubrication free. The particular toothed profile prevents contact of tooth edges with the sleeve, ensuring long life of the coupling.

Mounting can be in both the horizontal and vertical planes.Installation is simple and quick, which lowers installation costs. The coupling is suitable for operating in temperatures ranging from – 25°C to + 90°C. For short intervals, temperatures of + 125°C can be tolerated. Components of the coupling are resistant to all types of lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

ATEX 94/9/EC compliance
It is possible to ask for specific certification for use in hazardous area according to EC standard 94/9/EC. TRASCO couplings are available with specific mounting/operating instruction manual and conformity.

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