SUCO Electromagnetic Clutches and brakes

Torque 1.3 NM to 1850 NM
Operating Speed 400 rpm to 4000rpm
Diameter 50mm up to 200mm

Amongst other qualities, SUCO electromagnetic clutches and brakes are characterized the following features:

  •     Simple Design
  •     Easy assembly
  •     Suitable for dry running
  •     Slip ring free
  •     Low flywheel effects
  •     Short switching times
  •     No drag
  •     A guaranteed high level of operating safety
  •     May be used as a modular system
  •     Able to satisfy special drive requirements thanks to a variety of model types

Let us know your drive requirements, where possible, accompanied by sketches and drawings together with the questionnaire contained herewith. We shall then supply you with detailed suggestions and quotations. PS: It is advisable to retain the original questionnaire on your file and to forward a complete copy to us, thereby ensuring that you always have the original in

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