Ussex Coupling

USSEX L series coupling offer the choice of sintered / cast iron hubs, Nitrile elements and a range to catered for the small to big-range of drives for a low cost general purpose flexible coupling. They cater for incidental misalignment, absorb shock loads and damp small amptitude vibration

Maximum speed: 3600 rpm
Maximum dsiplacement all sizes: 0.38mm radial, 1 degree angular.

Optional unique wrapp around nitrite rubber connecting element eliminated the needs for dismantling connected equipment while inspecting or replacing the element – a major benefit on downtime on machinery can run into huge cost.

Element material can be of Rubber, Polyurethane or Hytrel

SPACER design also available

Range from Size L035 (0.38Nm) to Size 350 (4308Nm)

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