SUCO Centrifugal clutches and brakes

Torque 1.3 Nm to 1850 NM
Operating Speed 400 rpm to 4000rpm
Diameter 50mm up to 200mm

For Decades SUCO made centrifugal clutches been a name known to customers both at home and abroad. Several millions clutches worldwide work “Hand in Hand”.
With to name some :

  •     Lifts, fork lifts truck
  •     Building machinery
  •     Boat driving gear
  •     Conveyor Belts
  •     Agricultural equipment
  •     Emergency power generating units
  •     Pumps, Power Driven gates
  •     Textile machines, machine tools and centrifuges
  •     Ventilators, Compressor, Air conditioning equipment (Thermal King refrigeration trucks example)

SUCO centrifugal clutches have gained their good reputation by features which includes:

  •     Automatic engagement
  •     Gradual, smooth engagement
  •     Virtually slip-free torque transmission during operating speed
  •     Agricultural equipment

SUCO centrifugal clutch in your transmission is a cost effective answer to one or more the following requirements

  •     Protection against excessive acceleration loads in combustion engines and electric motors
  •     Reduction of peak power level (e.g. motor start current)
  •     Utilizing smaller and more economic motors to start machines with high inertia
  •     Gentle acceleration of machines with high inertia
  •     Speed dependent engagement

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