Uni-GRID Coupling

Distinctive Features of the GRID Coupling

The movement of the grid in the lubricated grooves accommodates parallel misalignment and steel permits full functioning of the grid-groove action in damping out shock and vibration.

Under angular misalignment, the grid -groove design permits a rocking and sliding action to the lubricated grid and hubs without any loss of power through the resilient grid.

Limited end float of driving and driven members is permitted because the grid slides freely in the lubricated grooves.

Torsional flexibility is the Taper Grid Couplings to torsionally deflect when subjected to normal, shock or vibratory loads, providing flexible accommodation to changing load conditions.

Torsional Flexibility

The grid bears near the outer edges of the hub teeth. The long span between the points of contact remains free to flex under load variations.

As the load increases, the distance between the supports on the hub teeth is shortened. But a free span still remains to cushion shock loads.

The coupling is flexible within its rated capacity. Under extreme overloads, the grid bears fully on the hub teeth and transmits full load directly.


When over load, grid is designed to be a part of safety pin and prevent breaking of machinery part or shaft by cutting the grid.
When the center misalignment is too large, grid coupling can protect the relating machinery part by the virtue shearing of the grid, or cover, or tooth.
The life span of the parts (mechanical seal and bearing etc.) can be extended two times or more.
Establishment, assembly and maintenance are easy by getting rid of center misalignment.
Repair and maintenance is scarcely needed, it reduces maintenance cost and time.

Horizontally Split cover
Sizes available from 20SH to 260SH
Torque from 52.00 Nm to 932,000.00 Nm

Vertically Split cover
Sizes avialable from 20SV to 170SV
Torque 52.00 Nm to 74,600.00 Nm

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