Sureflex & Equiv. Flexible Coupling

Full range of sizes:
Size 3 to 16

Option available as follows:
J Sleeves arew molded EPDM rubber (E) of Neoprene (N). Ther are available in one-piece solid construction (JE, JN) or one-piece split construction (JES, JNS). These sleevs may be used in any Sureflex or equiv. flange within a given size.

These sleeves are of two-pieces design with a retaining ring . They are available in either EODM (E) or Neoprene (N). They may be used with any flange within the given size.

H (Hytrel) and U (Urethane) sleeves designed for hih torque applications, transmit four times as much power as an equivalent EPD or Neoprene sleeve. Available in one-piece solidt construction (H or U) or two-piece split construction (HS), these can be used only with S, C and SC flanges

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