Uni URN Coupling


Uni-Drive URN Coupling consists of graded cast iron hubs and a set of “H” Shaped highly resilient blocks which accommodates parallel, angular and axial misalignment & absorbs torsional vibrations. Spacer Type also available

Simplicity of construction
Easy to assemble and disassemble. Suitable for reversing operation.

Varying Stiffness Characteristics
Special H shaped inserts provide progressively increasing stiffness characteristics, hence ensure effective shocks & vibration absorption. The special elastomer can be supplied to suit specific application needs.

No Lubrication
URN/URNS couplings do not require lubrication of any kind.

Simple/Easy Maintenance
No Complicated mechanism to demand adjustment or maintenance. Inspection and replacement of inserts is easy

Low operational Cost
Only wear part is low-cost inserts which make coupling economical in long run

Smooth & quiet operation
Reduces vibration and noise arising from severe torque fluctuations. Operating temperature is -30 deg C to +100 deg C

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