Taper Bushings

Taper Bushings 1008 to 12018


In the past, it had been necessary to employ skilled labour for fitting components to shafts. Using UNI Taper Bushings, it is possible now for unskilled labour to achieve ‘shrink fit’ of pulleys, coupling, etc onto shafts using only a hexagon wrench.

The arrangement of threaded half holes and longitudinal split in the tapered bush is designed to ensure maximum grip and fast, easy fixing. Tightening of the screws into the threaded holes in the hub forces the bush into the taper bored component, -thereby effectively contracting the bore of the Taper Bushing until the equivalent of a shrink fit is obtained.

Taper Bushings are equally suitable for metric and imperial shafts.


– No reboring and keywaying costs.

– Saves time and cost in fitting keys.

– Eliminates precision taper fitting keys.

– Over 600 bush size/bore combinations are available with both metric and imperial bores. (BS & ANSI & JIS)

– Interchangeable between many Power Transmission products.

– Taper bored components can be transferred to other diameter shafts by fitting alternative bore bushings.

– Convenience in dismantling & installation for maintenance and component replacement.

– Accommodates shaft limits of + 0.050mm, — 0.127mm

SIZES RANGE FROM 1008, 1108, 1210, 1215 …. 3020, 3030, 4030…5050.TO 120100 IN BOTH METRIC AND IMPERIAL BORES

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