Uni-Drive Taper-Bushing Adjustable Pitch Pulleys


SPZ-1G&2G Mean Pitch: 73mm to 113mm
SPA-1G&2G Mean Pitch: 81mm to 157mm
SPB-1G&2G Mean Pitch: 129mm to 293mm
SPC-1G&2G Neab Pitch: 230mm to 300mm

Other Pitch options available.Uni-Drive UD Adjustable pitch Pulleys are designed for use with Uni-drive Narrow and Classical Vee-belts and are avialable in One  and two grooves accommodating Z, A, B, C, SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC or 3V, 5V section belts. Capable of wide speed variation they are intended for application where the speed change is infrequent. These pulleys are fitted with Taper-bushing for ease of installation and dsimantling.

Due to the construction of the Uni-drive UD pullesy, the belt does not remain in line as the pulley is adjusted in pitch diameter. This slight angle at which Uni-drive Vee-belts operates does not appreciably shorten the belt life or lower the efficiency of the drive. The drive however must be carefully aligned, with the driving and driven shafts parallel and , in the case of a single groove a Uni-drive Vee-belt should run at right angles to the shafts with the Uni-Drive UD pulley set to give a mean belt position. A drive using 2 belts should be set so that the centre line of both the twin groove Uni-drive UD and the mating pulley are directly in line.



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