The flexible DESCH Hadeflex® couplings are claw couplings with flexible elements to provide a torsionally flexible connection for shafts. The flexible elements excel in their wear resistance, their oil, ozone and ageing resistance and their temperature resistance from -20°C to +80°C.

Thanks to their flexiblility, impacts, rotary vibrations and noises are effectively absorbed. The flexible elements are dimensioned such that radial, axial and angular movements between the two halves of the coupling are cancelled out.

The flexible Hadeflex couplings are of the plug-in type for installation and do not involve any particularly rigorous requirementswith respect to alignment accuracy. The balancing quality is, in accordance with DIN-ISO 1940, in the quality range G 16, Hedaflex couplings can be used in the whole of machine construction wherever a reliable shaft connection is needed bewteen motor and machine.

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